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What Is A Power Automate Desktop App?

You can record recurring actions in browsers or PC programmes and then carry them out at a later time with the help of the Power Automate Desktop App tool. Power Automate Desktop is a managed robotic process automation system that aids in automating end-user manual tasks. The fact that performed processes may be parameterized to increase efficiency is crucial. 

Low code is used in the development of RPA flows. You don’t need prior coding knowledge to construct and attend Power Automate Desktop flows. Power GI helps its users grow their businesses through Microsoft Power Automated Desktop App.

Power Automate Desktop App is a powerful RPA solution that you can utilize on Windows 10 to simplify your life.

Install Power Automate Desktop App

RPA software that uses Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is now free.

Power Automate Desktop is available for download and installation.

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop will be free for users of Windows 10 operating systems, the company stated at Microsoft Ignite 2021. All Office 365 users seeking a platform for robotic process automation should find this information very helpful.

power automate desktop app

We have moved on significantly from the last section of my article on RPA for Office 365. The first client-operating system-specific applications that can aid in job automation will be available for testing in March 2020. Power Automate Desktop has advanced much since that time. Microsoft has significantly enhanced robotic Process Automation in Microsoft 365 due to the acquisition of Softomotive.

The drawback of the Power Automate Desktop App free version

Users of Windows 10 may use Power Automate Desktop for free, albeit it only offers local computer-based RPA solutions. Unattended desktop flows and native Office 365 app integration are not options with Power Automate Desktop.

Is Power Automate Desktop free?

Microsoft said during the Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference that Windows 10 users might use Power Automate Desktop for free. Power Automate Desktop is available for free download and usage to every user of a Windows 10 licence.

Remember that this is merely a rudimentary version of the Power Automate Desktop solution, allowing for only attended flow execution. 

Limited use rights for Power Automate are bundled with some Windows licences, allowing for the creation and execution of personal desktop automation for attended RPA capabilities in Power Automate Desktop. It will enable Windows users to automate redundant and time-consuming processes with low-code automation using RPA, expanding the digital workforce’s capacity to automate legacy chores that might slow down their workflows. 

Download Versions of the Power Automate Desktop Application

You need to install a client programme for Windows 10 and extra browser extensions to set up Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

  • Download the free client software Microsoft Power Automate Desktop for Windows 10.
  • Download the Google Chrome extension for Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Download the Microsoft Edge extension for Power Automate.
  • Download the Mozilla Firefox extension for Microsoft Power Automate.

Steps to Install

Power Automate Desktop is relatively easy to install. You can set it up on your Windows 10 computer in a few simple steps.

  1. Start the installation package, then choose Next.
  2. Configure the installation procedure, then click Install.
  3. After the installation, you can either launch Power Automate Desktop app or discover the links to the browser extensions.

When the installation process is finalized, you can start the work with the Power Automate Desktop app.


If you are planning to build RPA solutions, a free version of the Power Automated Desktop App is the perfect solution to start work with. But the free version has many limitations, So Power GI helps you to automate your business process through Microsoft’s Power Automated Desktop Application. For more information, please visit https://powergi.net/.

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