Artificial Intelligence Integrations

Expand your top-line growth, optimize processes, save a lot of time and accelerate decision-making by integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your day-to-day activities. 
Empower your teams and help them be better at their job: From marketing to forecasting, we can help you to reimagine and redesign end-to-end business processes with tasks such as:

1. Invoice Processing Automation

Typically your Accounts Payable staff receives a hard-copy and/or electronic invoices and go through:
- Data entry process
- Approval requests
- ERP posting
Invoices are ready for payment after many hours, potential errors, misplaced approvals requests, and many other manual interventions.

Implement AI to automate and remove pain points

Integrate your AP process with Azure's Cognitive Services and Power Automate to build an end-to-end process that covers data extraction, approvals, transfer to your accounting system, and any other platform in the middle.
Take it to another level by combining this fantastic back-end process with a beautiful interface in Power Apps. Your staff can then validate the extracted data to quickly access the list of invoices rather than checking each email to collect the data. Then, use the interface to adjust before following an automated approval workflow customized to your company's needs.

2. Business social media sentiment analysis

You want to know what is being said about your company on Twitter:
- Do you have positive or negative feedback from the public?
- What are the main things the public is talking about: is it your customer service? Is it your actual products? Or is it about the brand concept?

We can help you answer all those questions and more by leveraging Azure's cognitive services. Automatically extract unstructured data from any social platform or source and identify which messages are Positive or Negative for your brand. Review the extracted key phrases to understand what is being said by your customers.

3. Classify your emails based on Subject or Body content

Azure's services can help you identify and automatically classify emails based on their content.

Combine this amazing classification algorithm with Power Automate's ability to link to different apps to read emails, apply forwarding rules on them, mark them as important or escalate for a human to handle. Some examples:
- Identify emails sent by individuals or from companies
- Classify inquiries and complaints
- Classify sales and customer service requests
- Classify critical emails based on content criteria.

4. Data extraction from any written document

A health clinic receives several emails from customers, doctors, insurance, and other health clinics, all of them with several attachments containing important data that needs to be transferred to patients' records and file. The staff spends hours of their day checking each email, classifying attached documents, and then processing all of them to enter them into a system.

AI to the rescue

Forget about all the manual work and let AI help your staff increase their productivity. Integrate classification algorithms and automatic form processing for your day-to-day activities and extract data from any document or text. Enhance this integration by having Power Automate orchestrate the end-to-end process and Power Apps to provide your staff with an excellent interface to interact.