The [G] & the [I]

Hi there!
We are Graciela & Irvin, co-founders of the POWER[GI] team. A couple of creative minds, lazy enough to automate everything within our POWER! 
We are sworn enemies of manual and tedious work. And, we have witnessed how even BIG companies are often missing out on the potential of the technology their teams use daily. POWER[GI] was born to help entrepreneurs and businesses of any size to improve & automate their processes and discover the actual value of their office technology.
We get excited every time our customers discover the joy of automation. So, let us help you experience that warm and fuzzy feeling of success after empowering your company to become more productive and competitive.

Oh, and did we mention we love Business IntelligenceHave you ever had a look at a dashboard that’s so hard to read but can’t exactly point out why? Don’t worry; we have a couple of pointers to help you obtain the insights you need. 

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[G]raciela Martinez/ Founder

I use my mix of technology expertise and financial background to find, design, develop and implement the right solution for each business requirement.
In the last four years, I’ve been using Microsoft’s Power Platform, Office 365 and Azure stack to continuously discover automation opportunities and re-imagine processes. My experience ranges from optimizing data entry tasks to end-to-end automations such Vendor Invoice Processing and Customer Billing.

I’ve collaborated with companies from all over the world in projects of varying natures that have resulted in hours of manual work saved, reduced error rates and increased productivity. This has led to happy clients that can focus on activities that add more value to their core business!
[ E9PXTOAWEAcgCeG cert2]

[I]rvin Barrera/ Founder

CEO and Co-Founder.
Meet my passions: Business intelligence, Business Strategy, and Innovation.
Business intelligence, more than a skill; it’s an art. You start with clear objectives behind data exploration and then add the perfect mix of elements, to paint in a canvas the masterpiece that will give you insights, but more importantly, a clear path to transform those into action.
There is a hidden solution behind any business challenge, issue, or goal. I believe that the process of identifying the right questions and then deciphering the solution puzzle is one of the most rewarding tasks in business.