Check how you are doing in social media with AI

Your company is having an AI Summit next week and you want to promote the Hashtag #AIwithPowerGI to grow your online presence and to foster communication between attendees, sponsors, and speakers. You can of course have your Community Manager review the comments and get general insights on how the Summit went:

  1. Is the perception positive, negative, neutral?
  2. What is the topic that liked the best?
  3. What is people talking about?

But why don’t you have AI to take care of capturing this so you can track it live and let Community Manager focus 100% on engaging with users, creating new posts, responding back and retweeting speakers!


You can achieve this by using Azure’s Cognitive Services – Azure has a great offering when it comes to AI, for this use case we would need the following:

  • Sentiment Analysis – is the comment positive or negative?
  • Key Phrase Extraction – what are the main phrases being mentioned by the users?

Both services can be hosted under the same Cognitive Services resource, so the first step is creating a Cognitive Services resource in Azure.

Below is how I set up mine:

Once created, go to the Keys and Endpoint blade to build the request. Take note of the API Key, it will be needed for Authentication, and get the Endpoint for your service.

  • Sentiment Analysis: {your-endpoint}/text/analytics/v3.0/sentiment
  • Key Phrase Extraction: {your-endpoint}/text/analytics/v3.0/keyPhrases


Analyze each Tweet with Power Automate

Just call the API from Power Automate using the “When a tweet is posted” Trigger and see magic coming through!

Azure will automatically recognize if the Tweet is positive, negative or neutral:

It will also extract the key points about your users are talking about – in below case, the user talked about the Summit as a whole, the prizes, the raffle, and the great time they had!

Then you just need to store this data into a Database, SharePoint or an Excel document and live track all this results!

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