Write to dynamic Excel files using Power Automate

You have an MS Excel template that needs to be filled out every time a new record in SharePoint is created: this means when a new item is added in SharePoint, a copy of the template needs to be created and our automation has to insert rows into it.

In our example, we have a column in SharePoint with a list of users and we want to write these names in a table we have defined in our template.

To build this automation, you need:

  • An MS Excel template with a table you want to fill out.
  • To upload Excel template to SharePoint (or OneDrive).
  • To create a SharePoint list that will trigger the automation and include a column with person type that accepts multiple values.
Template example

SharePoint list example

Step 1. Trigger

Step 2. Get template content

Step 3. Create a copy of the template.

This is the file we will write to. It’s a dynamically generated file so we don’t know its ID in advance.

Step 4. Fill out template

Watch our step-by-step video

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