Business Application Development

Digitalize your business and double your productivity faster than you ever thought possible.
Transform data entry, document and spreadsheet management, and other outputs from your business without making high investments.
Regardless of the process, we can develop low-cost apps with faster implementation time and quicker results, all with Microsoft Power Apps.

From manufacturing and logistics to finance and marketing, we’ve developed apps that our clients use in their day-to-day activities, transforming their business and saving a ton of time.

1. Invoicing app to Manage Billing & Customer Data​


Billing and Customer Data

Countless hours are spend every week by dealing with isolated Word or Excel templates, extracting data from different system and manually sending emails; just to be able to execute the process to send out invoices and balance statements to your customers. Adding more to the efficiency equation are follow ups, inbox overloading, duplicated invoices and a myriad of other issues.

A Process with Many Steps

Stay on top of your valuable customer data with an application that will:
- Organize all your different data sources (your CRM, your ERP, rebill expenses, etc) into a single place
- Create invoices and automatic balance statements
- Automatically convert in both PDF or Excel format
- Send Invoices and Statements to your Customers
- Check for Duplicated Invoices
- Send Payment Reminders
- Staff Notifications of Overdue Invoices

2. Project Management App


Project Management

Every project comes with various tasks, due dates, updates, reminders, follows up, and a handful of planning and communication. This work rapidly consumes hours of your team and project managers; on top of that, there is usually more than one system or platform receiving information that needs to be updated. Having isolated solutions only worsens the problem.

Project management with Power Apps

The keyword is integration. Power Apps will help your business automate all communication between your applications such as Planner, Outlook, Teams, and Sharepoint using a single interface. Control all stages of your projects and initiatives and:
- Evaluate and assign leads or managers
- Schedule status update requests
- Generate automatic reports
- Implement approvals & schedule emails and notifications.
This app can be built and deployed with zero additional licensing costs and no additional software. Improving your process does NOT mean going over budget.

3. Work & Timesheet Management App


Timesheet Management

Tracking and analyzing employee & contractors working time and time-offs, isolated spreadsheets, hard-copy documents with signatures, lost emails, and more than one tracking software. Sound familiar?

Transform your process into a single platform

Make the most of your team’s time with a single and company-wide process. With Power Apps we guarantee making your team management faster and more transparent: easier time tracking by tasks, streamlining the time-off request process(vacations, medical leaves, personal, etc.). Customize to your needs by including multi-level approval workflows, email notifications, reminders, calendar synchronization, and automated reporting.