Microsoft’s Artificial intelligence services

Microsoft itself defines Artificial intelligence as the creation of software that imitates human behaviors and capabilities – which also includes “learning” and “problem-solving”. As a result, AI can play a significant role in shaping the future of humans.

Traditional objectives of AI research include natural language processing, planning; learning; reasoning; knowledge representation; perception, and the capacity to move and manipulate objects.


Artificial Intelligence common workloads

Artificial Intelligence can come into place for many different use cases, scenarios and industries. The main workloads for AI include:

  • Computer Vision: capability related to understanding the world through images, documents, videos and cameras. For example, answering questions such “Does this image includes a human face?”
  • Natural Language Processing: ability of understanding how a human would communicate, either with written or spoken language; such Speech-to-text voicemails or moderating comments in a blog based on the comment content.
  • Anomaly Detection: automatically detect errors or unusual patterns in data or a system.
  • Knowledge mining: refers to extracting large volumes of data from unstructured sources and converting it into a searchable repository.
  • Machine Learning: the way we “teach” a computer or software to make predictions or reach conclusions based on data. For example, using historic data for forecasting future sales or expenses.


Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Services

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is a cloud-based service that allows the integration of several AI features into several solutions using REST APIs and client libraries. It provides ready to use services such extracting data from PDF documents, reading images, converting speech to text, converting text to speech, sentiment analysis. 

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning also a cloud service specialized in accelerating and managing the machine learning lifecycle, and it allows data scientists and developers to train, build and launch their own models.

AI Builder

This is Microsoft Power Platform’s bet to easilly implement AI concepts and features into processes, using a graphical interface only. It allows users of any technical level use prebuilt models or create their own models to use into solutions of varying nature.


We can help!

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