Update connection references in a Managed solution – Power Platform

A connection reference, a key component in a solution, contains vital information about credentials used to connect to a Power Platform connector. During the import of a managed solution into an environment, users face a choice: selecting an existing connection or creating a new one. It’s crucial to note that, once a managed solution is imported, the ability to edit it is in a way restricted. 

It’s considered best to use solutions and environments to manage the life cycle of solutions built with Power Platform. You develop in a different environment from where your end users will use apps and flows – and when the solution is ready, it’s packaged in a managed solution and imported into the production environment.

When importing into the production environment the first time, you will get prompted which connections you want to use. Each time you import an update to the solution, you will use the same connection reference.

So – how can you update connection references in case you need to?

Step 1. Go To Production Environment And Locate The Solutions List

By default, this view shows solutions filtered by “unmanaged.” If you click the “managed” button, you will see your solution listed.

Click on Solutions “Unmanaged” Button

Let’s stay in the “unmanaged” filter for now.

Step 2. Open “Default Solution”

Click on Default Solution

Step 3. From the objects list, select “Connection references”

Select Connection References from Objects List

Here you will see all the connection references used for your managed solutions

Connection References

Step 4. Select and edit the reference you want to update

Select And Edit The Reference You Want To Update

Step 5. Create new connection

A right panel will open, click on the Connection dropdown, and then click on “New connection” option.

Click on the Connection Dropdown

This will take you to a new screen

Step 6. Find data connector and create a new connection

Create a New Connection
Create a New Connection

Step 7. Use your new connection

Go back to the solutions page, refresh the connections section, select your new connection and finally hit save

Select your new connection & Click on Save

You’ve completed the setup! Now, your flows will update to utilize the new connection reference you established. Each time a new version deploys to the Power Platform, it will utilize the most recently selected connection.

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